T. Martin Lofts - 475 New York Ave.


Trent & Co. is pleased to announce that sales have begun on the T Martin Lofts located at 475 New York Avenue NW.  

The T Martin Lofts exemplify the developer’s, Willco, passion for building distinctive homes in DC.  475 New York Avenue NW was previously located at 465 New York Avenue NW.  The building was on the site of a planned 13 story hotel and deemed unworthy of preservation.  Slated for demolition, Gary Cohen, and his partners at Willco, stepped in to save the historic structure. We are proud to present 7 new modern living units worthy of this historic building. 

The project consists of 6 one bedroom condos and one beautifully outfitted 2 bedroom penthouse unit with a private roof deck.  

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“We’re excited to bring the home back to its former grandeur and seven new homeowners get to enjoy this architectural gem.”
— Gary Cohen, President of Willco Residential

Willco Residential methodically and meticulously planned out the nearly implausible undertaking with the help of structural specialists, Expert House Movers.  Their work to move the entire structure to its new home at 475 kept it from being destroyed.  The architectural plan is to keep the charming, historic façade and create incredible new living spaces for 7 lucky owners.   

The Building’s History: The rowhouse was the former home of Dr. Thomas Martin, one of the longest-serving black doctors in the city, and one of the first graduates of Howard University Medical School.  According to the Evening Star Historical Archive, Dr. Martin was a staff physician at Freedmen’s Hospital, the forerunner of Howard University Hospital, for over 25 years, vice-president of the Physicians’ Reading Association and an active member of the Metropolitan A.M.E. Church.  He passed away in February of 1939.  His wife, Annie, died a month later.  

Willco Residential:

Founded in 2004 by Gary Cohen, Willco Residential is making important contributions to the residential renaissance occurring in our nation’s capital. Willco Residential brings third generation experience to the projects they develop. Their goal is to build time-honored, legacy communities that enrich the lives of DC residents, so that those residents, in turn, enrich the community. The projects we select are often times challenging, but are equally rewarding.